“Our guys travel a lot so having Ornavi means they can submit their timesheets on time from wherever they might be, right from their phones. We have done away with paper timesheets altogether!”

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Ensure you capture the right information, first time, every time with Ornavi’s Time Management Module. With Ornavi, completing, reviewing and approving timesheets has never been simpler.

Employees can create, edit and submit their timesheets online from anywhere, anytime meaning paper copies and spreadsheets become a thing of the past. Record time and expenses each day, or submit in bulk for the entire week.

Not sure about introducing your entire workforce to Ornavi? You can apply a “Timesheet Only” access permission to any users that limits their Ornavi access to Timesheets only.

Submitted timesheets are sent for approval before they are accepted and you have full control over who your approvers are. Rejected timesheets are returned to the employee, complete with any notes from the approver.




Integrated Time Tracking

Once approved, timesheet data is automatically sent to the correct jobs giving you an accurate overview of all labour, as well as one-click job costing reports and all this with absolutely zero double entry of data.

Integrated Time Tracking - Labour Overview - Ornavi Screen Shot

Automatic Invoicing

If you need to bill a client for time you can create an invoice from timesheet data in seconds. Ornavi retrieves and organises all your billable hours, so invoicing becomes fast, easy and accurate.

Learn more about invoicing.

Key Features:

  • Simple and accurate for employees and approvers
  • See who has been working on each job, how long it has taken and how much it has cost.
  • Never under bill a client again.
  • Record time daily or in bulk for the entire week.
  • Prevent editing after the timesheet is submitted.
  • Simple interface so it’s easy get your employees up and running without any training.