Business Tips for the Christmas Slow Down

Love it or hate it, Christmas is just around the corner so we have put together some top tips for you to bear in mind when preparing your business for the Christmas slow down.

Top Tip 1: Become a Weatherman.Closed for Christmas Sign

Bad weather can be a huge disruption to business. With the warmer than usual winter we are currently experiencing it can be easy to get caught out if things take a turn for the worse. Keep your eye on weather reports and be sure to have back up plans in place to prepare you for the unexpected and keep your business on the go.

Top Tip 2: Your Staff are the Business Heartbeat.

Your staff have worked hard and are entitled to their Christmas holidays but It’s a good idea to make sure you have “in case of emergency” details at the ready. Have a clear idea of where your team have left off and you will find it that much easier to get going again.

Top Tip 3: Red and Green Should Never be Seen.

Be environmentally friendly and switch off/shut down anything that doesn’t need to be running over the Christmas break. By doing this you will also save your business money.

Top Tip 4: Communication is Key.

If you close completely over the Christmas period be sure to tell your customers and suppliers. Give them dates, times and if necessary, contact information.

Top Tip 5: Plan, Plan and Plan Some More!

Plan carefully using the above tips and be sure to cover every eventuality so your business can operate under all circumstances. Involve your whole team and don’t be caught off guard!

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