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The majority of subscription-based, online business services charge on a per user basis. Ornavi is different. Both of the Ornavi plans include unlimited users as standard – instead we charge based on how many concurrent logins you require (how many users are able to simultaneously access the system). We believe that this pricing method allows businesses to maximise the potential of Ornavi for the lowest possible price. Each plan includes a concurrent login allowance:

Standard – 2 Logins            Professional – 10 Logins

Extra Concurrent User Licences can be added to any plan (excluding Basic) for just £5 per licence, per month.

Existing Customers

Edit Ornavi Users Box

As an existing customer, you have the ability to increase your concurrent login allowance from within Ornavi.

Simply log into your account, open the Account Settings page and increase your users.

And the best news is that an individual login costs just £5 per month.


Not an Ornavi customer yet?

Get started by signing up for the free trial here to spend time discovering all the great features of Ornavi. When your 30 day trial is up, visit the Account Settings page to pick your Ornavi plan.

Professional +, Professional, Standard. Starter Pricing Plans

Each plan has an inclusive number of concurrent users that can be increased (see above).

If you require any assistance or would like further information, get in touch via or contact your Customer Support Representative.

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