The A-Z of Ornavi


Blackboard - A is for Anywhere, Anytime


Ornavi’s business management software is accessible whenever you need it, from wherever you are with nothing but an internet connection and smart device or PC. With no installation and no downloads,  getting started with Ornavi is no problem!



Blackboard - B is for Bringing it all together


This is the Ornavi motto because this is what the system does in a nutshell. The all-in-one business management solution from Ornavi brings together your jobs, quotes, orders, invoices and more. Never lose track again. 



Blackboard - C is for clients


No business can operate without customers but unfortunately as your business grows, the more customer data you need to store. Luckily Ornavi has a built-in Client Management System that eliminates confusion and reduces time wasted. Handy!



Blackboard - D is for data security


We take data security very seriously. Every Ornavi account is stored on a secure server, with restricted access to authorised personnel only. Your data is protected with 128-256 bit TLS 1.2 SSL encryption…which is super fancy encryption to you and I.



Blackboard - E s for efficiency


Ornavi’s comprehensive set of business tools increases efficiency by streamlining processes, decreasing wastage and cutting costs – all crucial elements for business growth.   Reclaim valuable time by using Ornavi to streamline business processes. 



Blackboard - F is for Free Trial


We know we can’t be a perfect fit for everyone. We know that changing how you run your business is a big deal. We know that you want to be sure you are making the right decision. That’s why every business, big or small can try Ornavi for free for 30 days.



Blackboard - G is for Grows With You


Ornavi equips businesses with the tools they need to maximise productivity and grow, grow, grow! Time and resources are freed up by speeding up processes like quoting or invoicing, which can then be reinvested into the business driving innovation and growth.



Blackboard - H is for Happy Customers


At Ornavi we pride ourselves on our relationship with our customers. As our customer, you become our number 1 priority. Every business is assigned a dedicated and purpose trained Customer Support Representative to guide you every step of the way.



Blackboard - I is for Invoices


Invoicing with Ornavi is simple, flexible and efficient. Quickly build Invoices with data from your Quotes and Purchase Orders and turn them into professional PDF’s complete with your company details and branding, ready for sending to the client.



Blackboard - J is for Job Management


Not only is Ornavi an excellent Business Management System but also a first rate Job Management tool. It provides a comprehensive set of tools at your fingertips for effectively managing multiple projects from lead to completion.



Blackboard - K is for Knowledge is Power


Ornavi empowers users to make confident business decisions based on up-to-date and reliable information. Because Ornavi brings together everyday processes in one system, it gives instant insight into your business and how it’s performing.



Blackboard - L is for Logo


Upload a logo to your Ornavi account and select a colour scheme to compliment the branding of your business. Every Quote, Order, Invoice & Report created with Ornavi is complete with your company details and branding for a professional finish.



Blackboard - M is for Management


Ornavi is a business tool for managing jobs, tasks, quotes, invoices, orders & much more. Managing and coordinating business activities is crucial for achieving growth. Ornavi makes this much simpler by bringing it all together in one system.



Blackboard - N is for Newsletter


Sign up to the Ornavi Newsletter and keep up to date with all the latest updates from Ornavi HQ. Be the first to learn about powerful new features and receive unique insight into how cloud-based business management software can transform your business.



Blackboard - O is for Out of the Box


With an intuitive user interface, Ornavi’s business management software has been designed to be used instantly with little or no training. It’s simple to use and easy to learn meaning it won’t take you months to get integrated, no matter the size of your business!



Blackboard - P is for Purchase Orders


Ornavi takes the headache out of creating Purchase Orders by making it a quick and simple process. All PO’s created with Ornavi come complete with your company details, logo and branding. Professional and efficient!



Blackboard - Q is for Quotes


Use Ornavi quick and simple Quote tools to help turn prospects into jobs. Build entire quotes in minutes and all quotes created with Ornavi come complete with your company details, logo and branding. Professional and efficient!



Blackboard - R is for Reports


Ornavi’s comprehensive reporting tools provide in-depth insight into your company and how it is performing. With real-time access to your data, critical business decision can be made with confidence.



Blackboard - S is for Stock


 Use Ornavi to keep a record of the parts your company keeps in stock and which jobs they are used in. Creating and managing your stock file is simple. Import parts lists straight from your Supplier into Ornavi, saving time.



Blackboard - T is for Timesheets


With Timesheets from Ornavi you can be sure you are capturing the right information, first time, every time. Your employees can create, edit and submit their timesheets online from anywhere, anytime so paper copies and spreadsheets become a thing of the past.



Blackboard - U is for Updates


We want to be the best, which means we are never done improving Ornavi. All Ornavi customers benefit from free and continual updates. Updates to Ornavi are done under the radar, without disrupting your service.



Blackboard - U is for Users


Unlike most business software applications, we don’t charge on a per user basis. All Ornavi plans include unlimited users as standard because we want to empower you and your employees with the tools you need to take control and grow your business.



Blackboard - V is for Value for Money


Ornavi provides full integrated tools at a price that suits your business ambition. Starting from £19 per month, no matter the size of your business we have a pricing plan to suit. That’s less than monthly cost of the average mobile phone bill.



Blackboard - W is for Web Based


Ornavi is Web Based which means it lives in the cloud. Cloud Software is great for businesses as it is extremely flexible. Ornavi is available anywhere, anytime, which means you can work wherever and whenever suits you.



Blackboard - X is for X-Ray


No don’t worry, Ornavi isn’t radioactive! What we mean by X-ray is that Ornavi’s online business software adds an element of transparency to your business. Transparency is vital for improving the morale, productivity and efficiency within your company.





We have given 24 reasons so far to try Ornavi, all the way from letters A to X.  So the only thing standing in the way now is you. Sign up for the free trial today and see how Ornavi can be the best thing YOU do for your business this year.



Blackboard - Z if for Zogg


The planet Zogg resides in a nearby galaxy and is the home planet of an unusual species known as the “Software Engineer”. Their first language is Zoggonian which is much like the programming code Ornavi is written in – indecipherable to the normal human. Luckily you do not have to be fluent in to benefit from great software. Keep things simple, use Ornavi.



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