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It’s always nice to hear some positive feedback so imagine how delighted we were  to learn Ornavi has made it onto The Top 28 Project Management Tools list.

About Ornavi, Kevin from the DSM Group said:

“It was a pretty easy decision for us when we took a look at your company. Love the work you guys are doing with your service platform, as well as what your product does for agencies of all sizes everywhere – absolutely an invaluable tool.”

Thanks Kevin, and thanks to the DSM Group for the acknowledgement.

It’s a Double Whammy for our Project Management Software

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Recently the team over at were kind enough to carry out a full review of our software and we could not be more pleased with what the had to say about us.  Here’s a snippet:

Ornavi comes from a real-world requirement by a service provider company that has been successful in completing jobs and satisfying its customers. It is a modern business tool with a comprehensive set of features. New modules are being added as time goes on  and other enhancements for collaboration and customization will be available in the future, depending on the direction or feedback they will take.”

Read the full article here.

If you have any feedback for us, we’d love to hear it. Share it below or using our contact form for a chance of being featured on our website in the near future.

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