10 Business Tips for Surviving Christmas

…and thriving in the New Year

Christmas is well and truly on its way. We know the festive season affects every business differently; for some it’s the peak of their yearly sales, for others December is the quietest month of the year. Either way, it has an impact and you need to be organised so we have compiled a list of our Top Tips for ensuring your business makes it through the festivities and is prepared for a prosperous New Year.


Business Tip 1: Plan, plan and plan some more

Blank Pad and pencilResearch suggests that the business segment least prepared for the Christmas season tends to be the small and medium enterprise. The key to ensuring business runs as smooth as possible over the festive period is to be prepared and plan for every eventuality…and then some.  Include your whole team and don’t be caught off guard.

Every business is different so only you can create a fool proof continuity plan but luckily we have some more top tips to help you on your way.


Business Tip 2: Online Health check

Website health check

These are strictly business tips so we are talking of course, about the online presence of your business. Your website is the branch of your business that’s open 24/7 so it is crucial that it’s the best it can be.  Make sure there are no broken links and the content is relevant and up-to date, especially with Christmas opening hours. Good website house-keeping will ensure that any customers venturing online for information when you are closed, won’t be disappointed.


Business Tip 3: Become a Weather Man

Bad weather - clouds and rainBad weather can be a huge disruption to business and nothing has highlighted this more than the barrage of devastating storms the UK has been hit with in recent weeks. Damage to property, stock, vehicles and assets can bring businesses to a halt, so crossing your fingers and hoping for the best is not good enough. Keep an eye on weather reports and be sure to have plans in place to prepare you for the unexpected and keep your business on the go.

In times where disaster does strike, it is also important to have another plan to get you back up and running again.


Business Tip 4: Communication is Key

clock christmas opening timesEvery business relies on different people to keep it thriving, be it customers, suppliers, accountants or even the milkman so if your business closes completely over the Christmas period be sure to tell them. Give everyone who needs to know plenty notice of dates, times and if necessary, contact information. Inform them of the best way to get in touch, should they need to do so. Organise phone messages and automated email responses.

It’s also nice to be nice so take some time get a head of your Christmas correspondence when you have the chance. Send Christmas cards, write emails; do whatever it is you think is in keeping with the character of your company to share your well wishes with the people that keep your business running all year round.


Business Tip 5: Decorate Your Workspace

office desk with streamers

Ok this might not make it to the top of your list of priorities but spreading festive cheer is important! It doesn’t matter if it’s a huge office space, the reception, if you work from home or even just a desk, adding a little tinsel here and there will almost certainly improve the mood. If you send your employees home for the holidays lacking in morale and low in spirits, they are sure to come back that way. Filling them full of festive cheer is more likely to boost loyalty and enhance productivity.


Business Tip 6: Don’t Forget About January

2016 Calender on the red cubes

Take some time to think about the direction you want the business to head in, in the New Year. It is easy to get stuck in a rut and become complacent so the end of the year is the perfect time to reassess your business plan, goals and objectives. Giving the business a new focus for the start of a new year can give it the lease of life it is calling out for.


Business Tip 7: Clear the Clutter

desk with a messWho says a deep clean is just for spring? If business slows down as you creep closer to Christmas then take advantage of the lull by clearing your desk…literally. Clear out the drawers, file the piles of paperwork either to where they are supposed to be or into the bin, get out the cleaning supplies and decontaminate your workspace. Working your way through the junk that has built up over the past year will leave you feeling refreshed and dread the return less.


Top Tip 8: Your Staff Are the Business Heartbeat

Heartbeat make business graph stock vector

Your staff have no doubt worked hard all year and are entitled to their Christmas break but it is good business sense to make sure you have “in case of emergency” details at the ready. Bear January in mind and that you are not closing for good. Having a clear idea of where your team have left off will make it that much easier to get going again, post-mince pies.


Business Tip 9: Red and Green Should Never Be Seen

Red and green power button

Be environmentally friendly and switch off or shut down anything that doesn’t need to be running over the Christmas break. Not forgetting kitchen items such as fridges, kettles and toasters that won’t be getting used either. Doing this will not only contribute to reducing the overall environmental impact but it will save your company money. Don’t forget the office Christmas lights!


Business Tip 10: Relax & Enjoy!

Feet up by the fire - Christmas socks

Christmas comes but once a year so the last pearl of wisdom we have for you is to relax and enjoy what you have been working all year for. January will be here before you know it so take time to relax, refresh and recharge. If you have followed our Business Tips guide then you will rest easy knowing you are coming back ready for the best year yet.

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