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Ornavi’s Christmas Quiz!

Everybody loves a Christmas quiz so head over to the blog and test your Christmas carol knowledge – not Ornavi related!

12 Days of Christmas Quiz

Ornavi Named Top Software Tool!

We are super excited to announce that our Ornavi software has hit the headlines by being named one of the Top Project Management Tools. Read more here.

Where Did That Come From?

Ever wondered how household brands like Google or Coca Cola got their names? Ornavi investigates the ideas behind the biggest names in business. More…

What’s In a Name?

Every wondered why “Ornavi?” – well wonder no more! We reveal all on the blog.

The A-Z is on the Blog!

Don’t worry if you missed any of the A-Z, it’s all on the blog. All 26 fact-filled letters of it.

The A-Z of Ornavi

During the month of May we are bringing you the A-Z of Ornavi. Everything you need to know about Ornavi in alphabetical order! A letter a day to keep your curiosity at bay.

Timesheets Coming Soon!

The new and improved Timesheets tool is on its way! Look out for more information and an exclusive sneak peak coming soon.

Future of the Cloud

This week’s blog post “Future of the Cloud” is out now. This week we discuss our predictions for the future of our new friend, the cloud.

Cloud Month Continues…

The fourth and final week of Cloud Month is here. Look out for lots of fun, facts & blog posts to round up a great month of cloud computing discussion.

Cloud Adoption Barriers

This week’s blog post “Cloud Adoption Barriers” is out now on the blog. Don’t miss everything you need to know for curing your cloud fears.

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