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MSM Electrical and Ornavi

Peterhead, Aberdeenshire   

MSM Electrical Services is a domestic, commercial and industrial electrical contractors based in Peterhead, Aberdeenshire that a little over a year ago decided if they wanted to maintain their success, something needed to change. We asked Technical Manager, Glenn Colley to explain.

Time For A Change

Previous to Ornavi MSM Electrical were running the business with a hand written system that was starting to make planning work difficult.

I sometimes work out with the office so I was looking for something that would give me remote access to our past, current and potential jobs.

After spending valuable time looking at various online job management tools, Glenn explained that none compared to Ornavi:

We quickly realised that Ornavi was ideal for the business in respect to what we wanted it to do. The free trial was very useful and after a short period we realised that the system was simple to use and delivered exactly what we were looking for. The pricing was very competitive so our minds were mades up.

Were There Any Reservations?

Due to MSM Electrical’s remote location, there were initial concerns about accessing the system, with it being cloud-based:

We were nervous about being able to connect to Ornavi but we can log in no problem when working remotely from the office wherever we have a WiFi or data connection.

How Has Ornavi Helped Organise Your Business?

Glenn maintains that Ornavi has changed the way MSM Electrical do business for the better by simplifying a number of processes and freeing up time to concentrate on other important things.

We have reduced the time it takes to create job records, quotes and so on. Ornavi has been a valued addition to our business.

The company think Ornavi is an excellent visual aid, that allows them to see exactly what work is outstanding, current and upcoming.

Has It Been A Good Experience?

As a customer facing business that takes pride in its level of service, Glenn knows the importance of good customer support and the team at Ornavi did not disappoint.

Thanks to an initial telephone consultation and the ongoing support we had during the trial, we felt reassured that Ornavi would deliver for us. Since then the customer service aspect of our experience has been outstanding. Our dedicated customer support rep is always professional, polite and helpful. We couldn’t ask for anymore.

Since subscribing to Ornavi over a year ago, Glenn is pleased with one other aspect of their experience so far:

Every business is different, and since we subscribed we have asked for some additional features within the software. These have now been implemented and we are more than happy! I would definitely recommend Ornavi to other businesses.
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