Clients and Suppliers

Our relationships with our clients have improved dramatically since we brought in Ornavi. We know where to find the information and we know it’s up to date so we know exactly how to answer the questions we are being asked. 

Client Manager

Storing customer information across numerous paper and electronic files is not only frustrating, it also creates confusion and wastes time. Not anymore. Ornavi brings all this information together using a simple but effective Client Management system.

Client Folder Image

Not only does the system act as a hub for crucial contact information, it also provides the tools to link customers to jobs and prospects giving you complete traceability on all customer activity both in real time and historically. See the type of work you have done previously, how much they spend with you, how quickly they paid and much more.

Record Client specific notes in the Client Folder that are author, date and time stamped. Plus upload and store any file in any format to the folder, that you can refer back to whenever you need to.

Key Features:

  • Never lose a client’s details again.
  • Adding a new client takes a few seconds.
  • Store multiple contacts for each client.
  • Access the client’s job history and see the bigger picture.
  • Store date and time stamped notes about the client.

Client Access

magnifier - client access logoInvite your customers to log into their own client portal where they can check on the progress of their project. This is especially handy for bigger, lengthier jobs as your customers can log in and find out information at any time from the comfort of their own home/office/car. This facility helps to reduce the number of phone calls between you and your customer.

Happy customer, happy you!

Supplier Manager

Supplier Details


Similar to having an efficient customer management system, it is also good business practice to have a robust Supplier database. By building your supplier’s information into Ornavi it becomes easier to review, trace, track and audit your suppliers – and their performance.


All purchase orders created in the system are linked to a supplier enabling you to build an accurate picture of who are your best and most unreliable suppliers.

Key Features:

  • All key contact information is kept together.
  • Add a supplier in just a few seconds.
  • Understand supplier performance.
  • Find a supplier easily with the A-Z or search bar.

Import Tool

ornavi import tool

Client and Supplier lists can be uploaded in CSV format straight into Ornavi, saving you hours of time. By using the Import Tool your entire existing customer or supplier database can become part of your system in just a few minutes.

It uses data mapping to manipulate your list to fit Ornavi and highlights duplicates so there’s no risk of double entries.

Visit the blog for more information on how the Import Tool works.