Data Security

Data Security

security camera - security iconWe take security very seriously. We understand that if we are to be responsible for your business data, you need to be able to trust us. All business data within your account is stored in secure servers, with restricted access only to authorised personnel.  The servers are continually updated to protect from hackers and viruses. We use 128-bit TLS1.0 SSL encryption for every plan and all traffic between you and our servers is encrypted.


Data Backups

floppy disc - back up iconKeeping your data safe and secure is one of our primary objectives. All account information is backed up several times a day to an onsite backup server with restricted access only to authorised personnel, so we can quickly restore any data in the unlikely event of an issue at our secure data centre. Account information is also backed up to offsite servers for extra protection so you can be sure that your data is always safe.



money wallet - billing iconWe don’t store any of your billing information locally. Instead, we use a third party service that is independently certified for storing sensitive personal information such as banking and credit card information.

Your billing details are transferred using the same level of security used in online banking which involves encrypted (SSL) connection to the third party.