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The Job Folder

“The Job Folder” is central to how Ornavi is structured and organised. Each job you create in the system is allocated it’s own folder and unique ID. From then on everything relating to the job will now be linked to the unique ID and will be stored in the Job Folder. You can access everything simply by clicking on the various tabs.

The default format for the Job ID is YYXXXXA. YY represents the year it was created, XXXX is a numerical increment starting from 0001. The letter is used for extending existing jobs starting from A given to the original job. Eg. 150001A. You can change the format of Job ID’s by contacting us.


Job Details

Job Folder - Job Details

The first tab of any Job Folder is Job Details. This is where you can find and update all the important information about the job including key dates, key contacts and the job description. You will also be able to see at a glance the status of the job and how it is progressing.

From here, users with the correct permissions can do several things:


[Edit]: Click this option to amend and update any information about the job. You can edit as much as necessary until it is marked as complete.
[Watch]: When clicked a green tick is visible and the job will be listed under Watched Jobs on the homepage. Click again to Unwatch.
[Extend]: To be used when additional work is requested on an existing job. It will create a new job with the same ID but a different letter.
[Duplicate]: Use to create a  brand new job with the option of copying across some information from the current job.


ornavi delete icon/buttonA job can be deleted using the button on the top right of the job folder but this should only be used if the job was added in error and as a last resort because it cannot be undone. Instead a job should be marked inactive using the status options as this does not remove it from your historical data.


Job Folder - Create Task

You can break down your projects into smaller steps and assign these to your employees as Tasks. All tasks for a job will be listed in this tab.

To create a new task for yourself or an employee click [Create Task]. When a task is created, it can be assigned to another user who will receive an email alert.

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Job Folder - View Quote

The Quotes tab is where you can create (multiple) quotes for the client. It has been designed to be as flexible as possible. You can create quotes from scratch or input parts straight from the inventory.

When the quote is ready, generate a PDF from your own template, complete with your company logo.

You can also turn quoted labour and parts into Tasks and Purchase Orders.


Job Folder - View OrderClicking the Orders tab will show a list of all purchase orders created for the job. You can easily create a new purchase order by clicking [Create Purchase Order]. 

Every order is allocated a unique ID, which is also linked to the job.  This gives you complete peace of mind that no purchase order can go missing. You can also create an order via the Main Menu bar.

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Parts List

Job Folder - Parts ListThe Parts List tab is an automatically generated list of every part that has been ordered for the job via the Orders tab. This list can be exported to a CSV file and can be used in a number of ways including for user manuals or documentation.


If your account includes the Stock Module you can also add Stock parts to the list to be used on the job.


Job Folder - Add Labour


The Labour tab gives users the ability to record the time spent on a job. All labour is logged against the correct job alongside the applicable pay and charge rates. The information is used to create an accurate Job Costing report.

Labour can also be added to a job via Timesheets. 


Job Costing

Job Folder - Job CostingBased on information gathered from other tabs users with the correct permissions will have access to an automatically generated Job Costing report.

As labour is added and parts are paid for the information in this tab automatically updates. This one click report can be used for a quick summary of the income, costs and profit/loss for the job as well pricing similar/repeat work.

Job Reports

Job Folder - Create Job Report



With the Job Reports tab you can create detailed reports on materials, labour and expenses for any particular job. These are useful for attaching to invoices for providing the customer with a full breakdown of what their money has bought them.

Various filters can be used for flexible reporting and the report can be saved as a PDF or CSV file, complete with your company logo.




Job Folder - View Invoice


The Invoice tab is where you can create professional invoices quickly and easily. Create invoices from scratch or extract the information from your quotes and purchase orders to generate a PDF complete with your company details and logo.

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Job Folder - Files

Ornavi comes with built-in storage capabilities. Any file, in any format can be uploaded and stored in a job folder.

When using a smart device, photographs can be taken and uploaded straight into Ornavi, eradicating the need for scanning.

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Job Folder - Notes Tab

The final tab of the job folder is the Notes tab. Multiple notes can be added to the job and each one is date and time stamped along with name of the author.

Notes can be edited and deleted by users with the correct permissions.


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